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Whosoever John 3:16 Sticker

Whosoever John 3:16 Sticker

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Boldly proclaim your faith with this Whosoever-John 3:16 Christian Vinyl Sticker. Made from water-resistant vinyl and laminated for extra protection, this sticker will stay vibrant and stylish no matter what life throws your way. Embark on your faith journey with daring assurance!


Approximate Dimensions: 3"W

Care Instructions:

To ensure your sticker lasts as long as possible, we recommend indoor use only, and hand washing instead of dishwasher use.  

Helpful Tip: Apply the sticker to a clean,smooth, dry surface. Cleaning the surface with rubbing alcohol prior to applying the sticker helps the sticker adhere to the surface free of dust and oils.

**The sticker might not adhere to textured surfaces, such as powder coated water bottles.

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