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Emotional Support Coworker Sticker

Emotional Support Coworker Sticker

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This Emotional Support Coworker Sticker is the perfect gift for your favorite coworker. Printed on durable and water-resistant vinyl, it's further laminated for extra protection from moisture and scratches - ensuring it lasts for years to come. With its eye-catching design and reliable quality, this sticker is sure to be a hit among coworkers.



Approximate Dimensions: 2.5"W

Care Instructions:

To ensure your sticker lasts as long as possible, we recommend indoor use only, and hand washing instead of dishwasher use.  

Helpful Tip: Apply the sticker to a clean, smooth, dry surface. Cleaning the surface with rubbing alcohol prior to applying the sticker helps the sticker adhere to the surface free of dust and oils.

*The sticker may not adhere as well to textured surfaces such as powder coated water bottles. We recommend applying the sticker to smooth surfaces only.

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